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St. Joseph Spousal Maintenance Lawyers“How will I make it alone and meet all of my financial obligations?” This is one of the first concerns that an individual has when considering or entering into divorce. A person’s livelihood or very ability to succeed from day to day is affected when a couple parts ways. This is when the aspect of spousal maintenance becomes important. Our experienced St. Joseph Spousal Maintenance Lawyers are here to help you navigate your family law matters, including securing alimony, now known as Spousal Maintenance.

Spousal maintenance is what most people refer to as alimony or spousal support. Its purpose is to provide for the reasonable needs of the spouse who can’t meet them alone. The attorneys at St. Joe Law have helped countless individuals that carry the burden of
making it on their own and are fearful for their financial future.

Considerations in Determining Spousal Support

Courts have a wide discretion when it comes to determining spousal maintenance, and the party seeking it has an obligation to prove to the court that it’s a necessity. Some of the factors the court considers are:

  • Marital property and which party holds it
  • The individual’s ability to financially provide for him/herself
  • Time necessary to acquire sufficient education to enable the seeking party to find employment
  • The standard of living during the marriage
  • The age and physical health of the spouse seeking maintenance

The burden of proof lies with the party seeking support, and our attorneys understand what proof is necessary to meet this obligation. When a person’s financial future is being decided, it’s imperative that they are represented by an adept attorney. The St. Joe law firm looks forward to the opportunity to provide this esteemed advocacy.

A spousal maintenance order can be paid in periodic payments and directly to the Missouri Family Support Payment Center. Once an order is declared by a judge, it is a financial obligation and can’t be dischargeable in a bankruptcy. No matter if you’re the individual receiving the support or ordered to pay it, a maintenance
order isn’t to be taken lightly and will be enforced by the court. This makes the necessity of an attorney to advocate for your rights all the more clear. The attorneys at St. Joe Law stand ready to stand up for yours.


Once maintenance has been ordered by a judge, it can be deemed modifiable or non-modifiable, each of which carries its own advantage. The judge can also order that the maintenance is terminated at a specific time. The attorneys at St. Joe Law will make sure to seek a designation that works best for their client. Modifiable maintenance can be adjusted based on a changing circumstance for either party involved in the agreement. By bringing the order to the court for modification, a judge will make the changes that are agreed upon. If a client is seeking to modify a maintenance order, the attorneys at St. Joe law can help.

If an ex-spouse fails to pay ordered spousal maintenance, it’s necessary for the receiver and an attorney to seek a judgment against the payor. The attorneys at Murphy, Taylor, Siemens & Elliott P.C. have helped many people to receive their payments, by demanding that the payor’s wages be garnished, bank accounts seized, or their property assumed. We’ve also sought Motions for Contempt, opening up the possibility for the payor to be imprisoned or fined.

Getting Help with your Case – Hire the St. Joseph Spousal Maintenance Lawyers at MTSE

Spousal Maintenance is possibly the most prevalent decision in a divorcing individual’s life, as it determines their ability to have a successful future. Murphy, Taylor, Siemens & Elliott P.C. recognizes the venerable significance of this decision and handles each client’s Spousal Maintenance case with the consideration that it deserves.  Don’t delay – contact us for a confidential initial consultation.