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If you’re a family approaching adoption, it is a wonderful but often strenuous process. Adoption is a blessing for both the child, or children, and the parents-to-be.  There can be, however, legal red tape and/or unforeseen roadblocks during the execution of the adoption itself.  The average person is not altogether familiar with the procedures and requirements involved.  Don’t allow the realization of your dream to become parents turn into a heartbreaking nightmare.  Get qualified legal representation with the St. Joseph Adoption Lawyers at Murphy, Taylor, Siemens & Elliott P.C. We are familiar with adoption law in Missouri and can provide the guidance you need.

Types of Adoption

There are many different types of adoption matters in Missouri and the legal professionals at Murphy, Taylor, Siemens & Elliott P.C. has a track record of successfully assisting families through the varying processes.  Some of these types include:

Agency Adoptions

Usually, when individuals are attempting to adopt through an agency, the question of the child’s birth parents is front and center. In order for an adoption to be complete, the agency must see that both birth parents have their parental rights terminated. Our team has helped many birth parents with this difficult task, to see that the adoptive family sees their dreams realized. Our attorneys work closely with an adoption agency to see that each party involved has their goals met.

Infant Domestic Adoption

During the adoption of an infant, the birth parents are granted 48 hours in which to consent to the adoption in Missouri. This fragile and crucial time demands the understanding guidance of an attorney. With the assistance of our family law attorneys, clients are able to understand each step of the way and also what to anticipate ahead. We stay up to date on the frequently changing adoption laws in Missouri, until the adoption reaches finalization.

If a family is adopting a child born in another state, they must adhere to that state’s and Missouri’s laws. The ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) is a contract that determines the safety of children being adopted across state lines. We understand the intricate standards of this contract and help our clients to comprehend them.

Same-Sex Couple Adoption

For same-sex couples looking to adopt, the matter of Second Parent Adoption is applicable. This allows a parent to adopt a child, without terminating the rights of the custodial parent. Because it doesn’t involve a noncustodial parent, it benefits same-sex couples by providing them equal parental rights. Murphy, Taylor, Siemens & Elliott P.C. has been instrumental in many same-sex couples seeing their dreams of creating a family realized.

Stepparent Adoption

For most families, a stepparent adoption is a possible conclusion towards creating stability in a family. Our attorneys have helped many stepparents who are looking to legally adopt their stepchild. This process requires that the parental rights of the noncustodial parent are terminated and they’ll need to formally agree to it. This is completed in court.  Our attorneys have the proficiency and responsiveness to assist in this significant step and make sure a stepparent obtains the adoption of a stepchild.

Surrogacy and Egg Donorship

Surrogacy is a partnership between a woman carrying a child and adoptive parents. This increasingly common scenario is prevalent among many different familial arrangements, including same-sex couples, couples who’ve struggled to get pregnant, single parents, and parents who want their partner to be biologically related to their child. Our legal professionals have represented many family structures in their surrogacy journey and look forward to the opportunity to help future surrogate families. We’re proficient in surrogacy advancements and practices, and inform our clients of these details through the process.

Some of the concerns that our office facilitates during a surrogacy matter are contracts, finances, pregnancy risks and liability, and the health of the surrogate and baby. We are also practiced in Pre-Birth Orders and the finalization of an adoption through the courts.

Other adoption matters that Murphy, Taylor, Siemens & Elliott P.C. can assist with are:

  • Adoption of a foster child
  • Guardianship of minors
  • Adult Adoption
  • Single parent adoption
  • Adoption of American Indian Children
  • Contested Adoptions
  • International Readoption
  • Grandparent and In-Family Adoption

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