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Whether you are just starting out, planning for retirement, or already retired, it is necessary to look ahead to when your estate will change hands.  It is important to be as thorough and detailed as possible in this planning so that you are confident that your wishes will be fulfilled.  There may be many different ways to reach your goals, and obtaining the services of a qualified and experienced attorney can help guide you through this process.

At Murphy, Taylor, Siemens & Elliott P.C., we have considerable experience drafting estate plans to help our clients achieve their goals for their estates.  We use our years of experience in collaboration with effective business planning tools to make sure you and your family achieve their goals, maximize the value of your estate, reduce taxes, and ensure that your wishes are achieved.  In assisting you through the estate planning process, we will help you achieve your goals which may include:

  • Provide future assets and stability for your loved ones;
  • Determine guardians for your children;
  • Protect your children’s inheritance;
  • Maintain control over your assets and resources;
  • Protect assets from creditors;
  • Minimize or avoid estate taxes;
  • Plan for the succession of your business or company;
  • Maximize insurance benefits;
  • Provide for you in the event of a disability or incapacity;
  • Achieve philanthropic and charitable goals.

There are a number of tools and legal instruments used in most estate plans.  Choosing the correct instruments for you depends on your circumstances and goals.  Some of the types of legal instruments we have experience drafting for clients include trusts, wills, beneficiary deeds, powers of attorney and living wills, to name a few.  For a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding estate planning please see our Estate Planning FAQ.  We can also help with sophisticated estate planning techniques designed to minimize estate taxes.  These sometimes include sophisticated gift planning, family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, life insurance planning, and more sophisticated trust vehicles.

While each estate plan is different and unique, our knowledge and experience allow us to quickly and accurately help you find the right plan for you and your family and guide you through the process of meeting your estate planning goals.  At Murphy, Taylor, Siemens & Elliott P.C. we have considerable experience with estate planning.  Call us to help you with yours today.