Overtime Rule Changes for 2020

In a previous article we provided insight about anticipated revisions to the Fair Labor Standard Act’s rules for white-collar overtime exemption proposed by the Obama administration. While those rules were blocked by a court decision at the last minute and never went into effect, a modification of those rules advanced by the Trump administration will… read more

Estate Tax Level Increased for 2019

No one wants to pay taxes, especially estate taxes.  Thankfully, the federal estate tax exemption has increased to a level that allows most people to avoid federal estate taxes or at least to utilize sophisticated estate planning techniques to minimize them.  As a result of the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of… read more

Are you a Court Appointed Guardian or Conservator in Missouri?

Extensive changes in Missouri’s Guardianship and Conservatorship statutes went into effect on August 28, 2018.  If you are currently serving as a Guardian or Conservator in Missouri, or if you may be applying to become a Guardian or Conservator in Missouri, these laws will likely impact you.  Contact the attorneys at Murphy, Taylor, Siemens &… read more

Vacation Without the Kids

Vacation season is in full swing, and many families will be traveling together to places near and far.  But what about those trips you take without the kids, a nice getaway with the just the adults?  While you have planned for the children’s care while you are gone, do you know what will happen if… read more

What Happened to the Estate Tax?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in December 2017 included changes to all areas of the tax code, including estate and gift tax. The estate and gift tax exemption amount for 2018 through 2025 was increased to $10 million, which is indexed for inflation up to $11.2 million.  This means that for 2018, the… read more

For Sale By Owner: How to Save Money When Selling Your Home

Thinking of selling your home? This is a major financial decision and one in which you will want to ensure that you maximize profits and minimize costs. If you’ve been involved in the home buying process before, you probably already know that hiring a realtor, while valuable, can be expensive. Realtors provide many benefits to… read more

No Fault Divorce

There is a common misconception that Missouri is a “no fault” divorce state. In Missouri, a court must find that there is no reasonable likelihood that a marriage can be preserved and that it is irretrievably broken. In order for a marriage to be irretrievably broken, the spouse filing for divorce (sometimes called a “petitioner”)… read more

Missouri Supreme Court Decision Impacts Landlords

Just last week, the Supreme Court of Missouri in Brainchild Holdings, LLC v. Cameron held that a tenant has a right to a jury trial in rent and possession cases. Prior to that decision, rent and possession cases were handled in a streamlined manner with only a bench trial before an associate circuit court judge…. read more