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When you think about the largest financial investment you’ve made, what comes to mind? It is likely a home, office or other property. For most people, real estate will be the single largest investment made during a lifetime. That’s why it is important to have legal representation before acquiring, selling or exchanging any piece of real estate.

What is Real Estate Law?

Real estate law is a wide-reaching area of practice that includes many different parts of property ownership. Whether you are a developer, lender, investor, business owner, real estate agent, broker or anything in between, it is important to acquire the services of an experienced attorney.

Real estate attorneys in St. Joseph can assist clients in the following areas:

Acquisitions, Sales and Exchanges

A real estate attorney can assist clients with the negotiation, sale, acquisition or exchange of real estate. This includes tasks such as preparing purchase agreements and financing documents, establishing escrow instructions and ensuring proper procedures are followed.


Attorneys have the ability to represent clients seeking financing, as well as the lending institutions that finance real estate transactions. We can assist in structuring and documenting deeds of trust, mortgages, contracts of sale, sale-and-leasebacks and more.

Land Use Regulations and Zoning

Do you believe restrictions are too severe on a piece of property you are interested in or own? An attorney may be able to help. Real estate attorneys are knowledgeable about land use regulations and can prepare and process local, state and federal permit applications.

Neighbor Disputes

Neighbor disputes are agitating issues. Whether it’s a noisy neighbor, easement violation or anything in between, real estate lawyers can help take action. For example, in the state of Missouri, if someone damages your tree, you can recover those damages.

Adverse Possession

If you are attempting to legally obtain title to a piece of property through adverse possession, a real estate attorney can help guide you through the process.

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